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Free Weight Ticker App for Android by TickerFactory.com

TickerFactory.com's Weight Ticker is a weight loss monitoring system using a graphical scale to represent your progress.

TickerFactory,com's Weight Ticker is a visual way to measure your progress towards your weight goal or your ability to maintain your weight. Your current weight is represented by a slider on a ruler. You can select the design of both slider and ruler.

In addition, this App displays your weight graph and accesses your online personal weight loss page on TickerFactory.com.

You can share your weight loss ticker on message boards, web sites and anywhere you can post a web hosted image.

Users of TickerFactory.com's Weight Ticker can easily import their existing ticker into this App using the iCode and PIN as provided on the site.

You can personalize your event tickers with hundreds of ruler and slider graphics to choose from.

With this App you can:

Download from the Android Market - FREE.

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Download from the Android Market - FREE.

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